Arrivederci Olive Oil 2016...

The Return of the Olive Fly

This would normally be the season where we start the olive harvest, but not this year. The dreaded olive fly has returned, causing the olive to harbour a worm and fall off the tree early. This has affected the whole of our region, which means that once again, like two years ago, there will be no olive oil this year.

We have a plan for next year

We had discovered a great way to keep them away last year; hanging a plastic bottle painted yellow to resemble the flower of the olive tree, with holes in it to attract the fly, filled with earth and an attractant, thereby catching the fly. This year, with all the work to the pool, we weren't able to repeat the procedure, and now there is no oil.

We will miss its peppery tangy flavour on our bruschetta and soups this winter and will resume our bottle trick in the spring. Let’s hope the liquid gold returns in 2017 when it will be doubly appreciated.