June In Tuscany

Hey there travelers!

This is the first in a series of posts talking about what to do and what to expect each month in Tuscany and Florence. 

June Weather In Tuscany

June is normally a warm sunny month but still a little cooler than July and August, in short lovely balmy holiday weather. If you want to explore some of the culture of Florence then June and September are both beautiful months in which to visit. Over the last few years June has heated up, so if you are a sun worshiper, try going towards the end of the month.

Food In June

June is a great month for cherries and soft fruits like plums, peaches and apricots. If you want to know what's good you could just check out our vegetable patch, or have a look at this fascinating table of seasonable fruit and veg, so you'll always know what's best.

It's also the month where you can start to experience sagras. Sagras are small outdoor festivals that are often a celebration of a particular speciality, mushrooms, cherries, snails, there's a sagra for everything. Find a guide to some of the best here.


What's On?

We talked last week about the Festival of St John the Baptist that culminates in magnificent fireworks. It's also the month of Luminara of San Ranieri in Pisa. At sunset on June 16 Pisans light wax candles along the Arno, on buildings and windowsills, and along the Lungarni. The Luminara is held to celebrate the city's patron saint San Ranieri, and is well worth checking out if you are in the area.

You should also take in the San Lorenzo central market where there are is currently an art instillation by Michelangelo Pistoletto. 

If you're looking to inject some old Hollywood glamour into your trip, try visiting the The Corsini’s Villa di Maiano, you can have a fantastic afternoon tea and then take a stroll through the park where several scenes from 'A Room With A View' were filmed. 

There is loads to do!

We could go on but we hope that's given you a few ideas.

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