Easter Events: Grassina

Grassina is a little hamlet just 15 minutes outside Florence and and 10 minutes drive from the Torre. It was known picturesquely as 'the country of the washerwomen' because of the two streams that made it an ideal location for the families of launderers to cleanse the clothes of the wealthy Florentines.

Spring is a gorgeous time to visit Tuscany, the weather is cool enough to enjoy lots of sightseeing and the countryside is blossoming with spring flowers. It's also Easter, which makes it a wonderful time to visit Grassina, because of the 'passion play' held on Good Friday.

Grassina is most notable for the passion play on Good Friday, which has been performed in the village since 1634. More than 400 people in costume parade through the center of the village in a solemn procession,  then up to 80 characters perform scenes from the life of Christ, culminating with the Crucifixion. 

The location, on the green Florentine hills, creates an evocative natural scenario with olive trees, genisteae and narrow streets. The scenes are accompanied by readings from the gospel and music from composers such as Verdi and Beethoven. Local shops and business get involved with decorations and stalls.

The celebrations start at 8.30 pm on Good Friday in the center of Grassina, you can book tickets online here, it's €6,50 for parade tickets and €20,00 for stalls.

How to get there

Grassina is just a 15 minute drive from Florence, and 10 minutes from the Torre Di Sopra. It's also just a 20 minute bus ride on the 24 bus.

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