Ideal Family Reunions

This is a perfect place for family reunions. Many of our guests make the most of the space to come together from different corners of the globe.

This year, we have just enjoyed the same, regrouping three generations across the UK, the US and Italy. Nonna (granny), us and our and sister/brother in law from the UK, my brother all the way from the US and our combined children who have loved hilarious Uncle T and his game playing prowess.

We've played Dobble and Uno, built forts, synchronised swimming and walkie talkie-clad spies, badminton and table tennis.

We take it in turns to be with the children. I go and have my hair cut and take in some shopping with my mother while the rest of the gang are by the pool. The next day, my sister and brother in law go out for lunch in town, joining us for gelato by the pool at tea time. J has hired a bike and gone exploring new scenery to nearby villages.

We have grown up dinner at our new favourite place in Strada in Chianti, and family meals five minutes' walk away from the end of the garden, our great village restaurant which this year has a bouncy castle and trampolines in the piazza just outside it. 

Family reunions just couldn't be easier or more idyllic. 

This is fun. Over and out.