Jasmine Days, Firefly Nights...

May and June at the Torre. It's thirty degrees, the pool is open and warm, and the jasmine plants we planted last year have formed walls of tiny white flowers pouring out intoxicating scent at every turn. 

The pomegranate, fejoja and olive trees are in flower, the veg patch is fresh and new with this year's growth building up to the summer produce, while the apricot and cherry trees are laden with fruit that we pick and eat straight away.

The pool is open and the famous Fiorella gelato from Antella is back in stock for the season and in our freezer. We swim overlooking the olive grove beyond down towards Florence, catching sight of two young deer in the tall grass, and swallows swooping in to drink from the water. 

After summer days in the garden, we head up our winding path to the end of the garden up to the pizzeria in Osteria; this summer they have a great bouncy castle and trampoline for the younger guests so they can work up an appetite before delving into pizza. 

We come home for gelato and as it's getting dark we count the fireflies which I remember from my childhood as a May treat heralding in the summer.

This feels like a slice of Paradise on earth.