Our Favourite Things to Do and See

These are a few of our favourite best things ever to do from the Torre:

1. Eat gelato from Bar Fiorella in Antella. It is much admired by even the finest Florentine connoisseur friends wherever it gets taken. It's a must!

2. Our local Ristorante Osteria a five minutes walk away from the end of our garden, in Osteria Nuova. It offers delicious food, top pizza and stunning views, is owned as a village cooperative and quite simply the heart of the local community. 

3. Food Markets in Antella, (Thurday mornings), great for the cheese and roast chicken counters, underwear and shoes are great too!

4. Greve Market.

5. Shopping in Florence: San Lorenzo and Porcellino Markets for handbags, belts, wallets, journals..anything leather. 

Enjoy the Centre of Florence while you peruse the markets

Enjoy the Centre of Florence while you peruse the markets

6. Eating fresh rocket, tomatoes, sweet tropea onions, beans, courgette, aubergines from the vegetable garden.

7. Our new favourite Restaurant at Strada in Chianti, twenty minutes away along the stunning old road to Siena through Chianti. La Padellina, with its views, super local dishes and Dante recitals on tap, is not to be missed.