Why have I never heard of Bruno Sacchi?

Papa' sigaretta.jpg

I love that my father has little or no online presence. His passion for creating living spaces - undying until his death at the age of 80 - had no place for self marketing or promotion, two concepts that were anathema to him. He belonged to age and school of self effacement brought to an art form, coupled with a singularly focused vision of things unseen to be created. His teacher, mentor and father figure, one of Italy’s best known post-war architects, Giovanni Michelucci, was not one for reflecting on oneself or one’s achievements. They were architects before all else, and often, at the cost of all else. 

So why am I creating a website for the architect Bruno Sacchi?

As young children, this philosophy is what my brother and I observed and absorbed. And yet now that he’s gone, I find myself compelled to create that online presence, to invite the man who was often insular, a creature bound in his art, to open out to the rest of the world. So I’m opening wide the doors and windows into his world and creating a website so that friends, students and the architecturally inclined can enter a little into the world he created and get a glimpse of some of the artist he was. I think it's time, so watch this space...