Under the Tuscan Sun: What to do when the weather heats up

Feeling the heat? It’s pretty hot in London at the moment and places like Florence are also pretty warm. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s too hot to enjoy Tuscany in August.


Heading for the hills can be a good way to beat the heat, as I’m writing this Volterra is a full 5 degrees cooler than Florence and the hills and coast will be cooler throughout August. Tuscany has a number of beautiful hill towns such as San Gimignano which is famous for its medieval architecture and many historic towers, get in the car, turn on the air conditioning and explore.


Wherever you go you can stay cool by keeping to the shade and making frequent stops for delicious gelato, as well as drinking plenty of water. August can also be a good time to explore the cities, although it’s peak season for tourism many of the locals will have headed for cooler climes. So if you want to go somewhere a bit more of the beaten track it’s likely to be quiet, make sure you check that it’s open though, tourist attractions will definitely be open but many other business will close for at least part of August.

torre pool

You can also just keep it chill and hang out by the pool and make the most of the gorgeous warm evenings with a meal under the stars, you might even catch the end of the Perseid meteor shower.